The Fringes of Reality

Reality coalesces as an amorphous glob of events –
Quite uncertain of its intent to seize a definite form.

Relevance pulls the maleable clump to settle upon a context,
And the fringes – though still reality – lose all sense of veracity.

Where did the truth go?

Without context, a true statement may fall unknown,
For is it not perspective that lends familiarity to the context?

How do we grow to know another without first being present?
But with the knowledge of another, what was once true may prove false.

Nothing is written in stone.

On the dawn of a new day, memory may refute history
As a new reality is ushered in by a newly-forged perspective.

The old reality does not crumble, but slips to the edge,
Allowing a new truth to decimate its predecessor with context.

The fringes of reality fray.


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