Finding a Dream Job (Part 3)

Now that we know who we are and what we like, let’s take a look at combining our talents and interests.  By combining our talents and interests together, we can focus upon a specific field that will allow us the maximum use of our talents.  There are many careers that use multiple, otherwise unrelated talents and interests.  Finding the perfect combination is just a matter of knowing yourself and what you enjoy.

By reviewing our talents and interests, we can easily find those that have the highest value to us.  Our most cherished talents and interests might include, to use myself as an example, illustrative art (drawing, painting, etc), computers, and story telling.  We may practice and develop your artistic talent so that we become excellent artists.  We might use computer software to create our art.  We can refine story-telling so that it comes easily.  When we combine these three skills, we can see a group of job descriptions begin to open.  Perhaps the most apparent is that of a comic strip writer/artist.  If the level of skill in each of these three talents varies, then maybe they could be used to become a children’s book author.  You might sketch the images you would like to see and have someone else create the finished art.

If you find an interest in taking the journey of discovering who you are and in which talents you have the best skill, read the article in the references list at the end of this post.  There are questions that help to promote brainstorming on these talents.  Once you have discovered your talents and found who you are, you will be ready to move to the next step in this process.

Once you’ve done some brainstorming, you will be ready to go find your dream job.


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