Finding a Dream Job (Part 2)

Yesterday, I demonstrated how we can lose sight of a talent or interest.  I also referenced a website,  If you haven’t taken a look at this site, try to slide it into a small time slot in the near future.  I admit that the design isn’t fantastic, but the articles that they have a are quite useful.

According to one of the articles on MindTools, we will need to dig beyond our social identity in order to find those talents or interests that will truly make our dream career (  We all wear masks as we walk through life.  Some of us may only wear one mask, while others wear many.  Since this article is about digging through these facades and finding ourselves, I won’t get into the dangers of wearing too many masks.  However, if you find that you are wearing more than just a few masks, I would like to suggest you seek help in breaking this habit.  Learning to be yourself in any environment can help you develop your talents more easily.

The first step in finding the real you, according to MindTools, is to answer the question: “Who am I?”  Depending upon your philosophical or spiritual interest in this question, you might take a look at a site like  For the purpose of finding our dream jobs, we are only interested in a topical examination.  MindTools suggests using paired comparison analysis and personality tests to answer this question.  I say you can use anything that gives you a better sense of what you like.  If you already know, then you are already ahead of the curve on this one.

When you have finished your short journey into self-discovery, then it’s time to examine what you have learned and rethink the way you see yourself.  Identify what your strengths and talents are.  Identify in which of those you are strongest.  Think about the activities involved with those talents.  Have you ever found joy from some particular activity that uses one of your talents?  Find out which activities will work the best for your talents.

In the next article, I will look at combining talents and interests.


Finding Career Direction – Career Development from Retrieved Sep. 3, 2010, from Website:


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